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Frequently Asked Questions

I have no experience with importing and selling online. Can I do this?

Of course! Most all of our clients who join us don’t have any experience at all. That is why they use us. So they can be mentored and receive help every step of the way.

What kind of products do you source and import for clients?

Pet supplies, home goods, outdoor gear, office products, toys and games, baby products, kitchen items, sporting goods, electronics, cell phone accessories, car accessories, health and personal care, fitness products, and much, much more! The opportunities and product ideas are endless.

Can I request certain products that I am interested in?

Yes! It’s not like we have a big list of product that you are limited to choosing from. You can do whatever product you would like to! It amazes us each and every day to hear the different, unique ideas our clients come up with. We will train you how to find high potential products to sell. You are welcome to chose any products you are interested in.

How do you know if the quality of the products will be good?

Our skilled Chinese negotiators work hard to find only the best, most trusted factories to produce your products. We will have a sample of your chosen product sent to your house for testing. We have you see a sample first-hand before you ever place an order. We also do a thorough product inspection in China before your goods are ever sent off.

How much capital will I need to purchase my products?

It really just depends on the product you are choosing and your own personal budget. We would suggest that you have at least $2000 – $5000 to spend on your first product order + shipping. You are welcome to start smaller and by importing cheaper products, however! It is really up to you. At first, let’s get you in and get you going with the mentoring and training. Product orders are placed at a future date after you have decided on an idea, received pricing from China, received a sample, and you are ready to move forward.

How many products will I have to buy? What is the minimum order quantity?

That completely depends on the product. Most products will have a minimum order quantity of 500-1000 units. Unless it is a larger, expensive product. Then the quantity will be around 100 units. That is the great thing about using our service. Our team works with the factories on multiple deals and is able to get lower minimum order quantities than others.

Is it best to sell generic products or private label products?

Private label products, or custom products, are hands down the best opportunity. We suggest our clients use this option as they can begin to build up their own, long-term brand. There are many advantages to having your own brand and listing on Amazon as well.

How do I get paid?

Amazon pays you directly to your bank account every two weeks after they take our their fees. It’s a great feeling seeing the money start to come in!

Do I have to store my own products? Or how does the inventory work?

That is the beauty of selling on Amazon FBA through Amazon prime. In short – We will send your products from China to an Amazon warehouse. Amazon will store, ship and fulfill your products. You never have to worry about the headache of storing boxes in your garage, running to the post office to ship items, etc. Amazon handles all storage and inventory for you.


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Is the opportunity you are describing simply "flipping" branded products and doing retail arbitrage? Or is it to actually building my own brand and my own products?

The best long-term opportunity on Amazon and online isn’t to just flip cheap products or re-sell other people’s branded products. Many gurus out there will tell you that going to Walmart (for example), buying closeout products, and reselling them on Amazon is the best opportunity. That simply isn’t the case.
While flipping some Sony headphones isn’t a terrible thing to do to make a few bucks (we will even show you how to do this once you are a client if you want!) … at the end of the day, you sell out of products and you are back to where you started. You are not building up your own brand. You are competing with hundreds of other resellers to win the buy box and get the sale.
The best opportunity is to build your own brand! Our clients sell their own customized or branded products on their own unique product listing. They discover niches and build their own unique products and brands. They enjoy many advantages on Amazon by having their own products and brands.
As you know, having a brand and your own Amazon business is something that has real value! There are dozens of websites where people pay BIG MONEY to purchase Amazon brands and businesses. You can sell your business one day too if you wanted. Building a brand has value! Let us show you how.

Am I guaranteed to make money doing this?

No. There are never any 100% guarantees for success with any business venture. In fact – if there is a company out there promising you that you will be the next millionaire… I would run far away from that company! That being said – we have had MANY clients that have found strong success doing this. It’s an incredible opportunity with a very low capital investment and risk. We will give you all of our proven tips and tricks for success. We also guarantee to get you the best quality products, and be here for you every single step of the way. We will help set you up for the best possible chance of success.

I am currently having financial struggles - or I am needing a job. Will this opportunity be a quick fix for me?

Absolutely not.  If you are in massive debt, needing a job, or having financial problems – this opportunity will not be a quick fix to you.
Obviously over time, an Amazon business of your own can provide you with a better lifestyle. And the opportunity to build an Amazon business is one of the greatest opportunities this world has ever seen. But building a successful business requires time, patience, and money investment. Success doesn’t magically happen overnight.

Is Amazon too saturated?

Absolutely not. The opportunity to sell on Amazon has never been greater! More and more people are buying on Amazon daily. Amazon is expanding worldwide, and the opportunities are endless. The key is selling your own unique, niche products. We will help you find these opportunities. Again, you are welcome to sell your products off of Amazon if you would like as well. Amazon is competiive though, so it is important to set your listing and account up for success.

Do you take a portion of my profit? Are there royalties or anything? What does it mean that you source my products?

There are absolutely no royalties. We also don’t take a percentage of your business or of your profits. This is your own personal business that you are growing. We are simply acting as your Amazon expert mentors and your China sourcing team to assist you in this process. You own your business 100%.
We do make a very small amount when we source your products in China for you. We try to be very upfront and transparent with this. Our clients love this though!! We find and vet factories for you, negotiate pricing and terms, handle quality control and inspections, control shipment and Amazon prep, and handle all China communication for you. Our China team and manufacturing consultants will go to work for you and your business. This saves you so much time and headache! It also keeps us very interested in your long-term growth. In most cases we even help get products for way cheaper and better quality than if you ever communicated with the factories on your own.
Let’s say you decided on the idea of eco-friendly yoga mats. As a foreigner – if you reached out to suppliers on your own the cost may be $8.50 per unit for a 1000 unit minimum order quantity. You wouldn’t know for sure if they are a good factory – or which factory is a trustworthy factory. You would find that communication takes lots of time – especially with time and language differences. You would have to negotiate all terms – and make a nerve racking payment to a factory that you have never met with. Not to mention that it can be extremely hard to check quality, inspect goods, prep for Amazon, etc. on your own.
When we help source your products – we handle everything for you and you just pay us! In this example – we would reach out to 3-5 of the top yoga mat suppliers in China. Some who we have done business with in the past. Our Chinese negotiators would negotiate pricing and see who has the best history and quality. In this example we were able to negotiate the price down to $7.55 per unit for 500 units. A lower minimum order quantity from a much better quality supplier! We would then add our small fee on top of this price. So in this example – the final price you would receive from us may be around $8.55 per unit for 500 units. That final price, and any pricing you receive from our sourcing team, includes our small fee already! That final pricing you receive from us includes your inspection and everything mentioned above.

So, what's in it for AMZ Importing? Why do you do this?

Unlike other mentors out there, our core business for over 15 years is importing from China. We have China offices and teams that will be handling your orders, running inspections, etc. (please see question above). We are invested in you long-term. We don’t just want to sell you a bunch of flashy videos and never hear from you again. We hope to help your business grow into a successful business that is eventually placing reorders through our China office. We also take great pride and find joy in helping others find success on Amazon.

Why doesn't AMZ Importing and your team do our own products?

That is a great question. We do do our own products! We have several personal Amazon businesses that have been going for a couple of years, and are doing very well. We continue to launch new products. We don’t just teach you without having any experience. We have built successful Amazon businesses and truly know what it takes.

What about shipping, freight forwarding, and customs?

We help you import your product and deal with the freight and customs. We save you lots of money too as we have the best parters and processes in the industry.

Do I need to attend the trainings in person?

No. Our Amazon experts work with you one-on-one via web meetings. Most are done through online meeting software or through Skype. And some will be done by email or phone as needed. You will only need a laptop or tablet in order to listen in and ask questions.

Do I have to live in the USA in order to sell on Amazon?

No! You can sell on Amazon while living anywhere in the world. In fact, over 50% of our clients are living in countries outside of the USA.

If I don't live in the USA - Are there any additional steps I need to take to set this all up?

There are some small additional steps that you need to take that won’t take more than an hour. We will help you with all of this, and have the best processes and connections for sorting everything out. It doesn’t take much at all. After those first small steps – there is no difference or disadvantage you will see from selling from any country in the world.

Are the packages and prices on your site in USD?

Yes. Any pricing you see on the website, or any pricing you receive from China after being a client – is all in USD. Our main office is based in the USA, and this makes it easier for us when dealing with clients from all over the world. If you have problems paying us in your currency for whatever reason, just reach out!

Can I sell on Amazon in other countries?

Again, you can live anywhere and sell on Amazon through Amazon FBA. Most clients will start off selling on Amazon USA, as that is where the strong demand currently is. However, you are welcome to sell on Amazon in other countries too! Europe is a great market right now. Amazon Australia just opened and has high potential! Ask us more about these, and other, exciting international opportunities.

Approximately how long will it take for me to be up and selling after joining as a client?

That’s a great question. There are MANY different factors that will affect the time that this process takes.
After you have been trained, selected a product, sampled the product, and are ready to order – it typically takes approximately 30-40 days to produce and inspect your product, and another 30-40 days or so to ship your product by sea and have it arrive at Amazon.
So all in, we generally see clients take between 3-7 months before their products are selling on Amazon.
But it can go quicker obviously if you select a product quickly. Shipping by an airplane and selecting an easy to produce product are other ways to speed up the process as well.
It’s important to remember that while you want to work quickly, you also want do the process right. Thinking long-term is key to success on Amazon

Can I sell my products on my own website, eBay, or other platforms?

Absolutely! You own your products 100% and are welcome to sell them wherever you want on your own. Kickstarter, eBay, Jet, Walmart.com, Facebook, websites, retail shops, etc. can be good opportunities in addition to Amazon. People use us all the time to simply import products for their current businesses.

Once I am a client, can I use your China office and importing connections to import product for other platforms or businesses?

Yes you can! (see question above for more info). In fact, this is a great opportunity for you as well in addition to Amazon. If you wanted to pursue it.
Think about it. Nearly 2 billion dollars of products are imported into the USA from China EVERY DAY. You will have premium access to a China sourcing and importing team to help you. Feel free to utilize our team to source and import product for businesses or other platorms outside of Amazon. People make thousands upon thousands of dollars that get good at importing and selling product.

How does advertising, marketing, PPC, etc. work once my products are at Amazon?

Great question. We have got you covered with this no matter what package or service you select. In short – we will either train you how to do it or do it for you!
With our mentoring package (our most popular package), we will help create your Amazon account, shipments, listings, upload photos, optimize your listings, and get your products ready to sell. With regards to marketing once your products are at Amazon – we will work with you one-on-one to provide product specific training and recommendations for PPC advertising, product launch, ranking, and more. You will also get access to our insider guides and content. We will train you how to manage all of this on your own.
If you need a bit more help with marketing and account management once you are at Amazon, or if you want to go big with your product launch and marketing, we have optional “launch packages” and “account management” options for you. https://amzimporting.com/grow-an-existing-amazon-business/
With our business package – we manage all marketing and product launch for the first 6 months for you.
Long gone are the days of just listing a random product and watching the sales come in. You need some strategy, ranking, and marketing in order to find real success on Amazon. But don’t worry! We have you covered. Either by training you how to do it, or by doing it on your behalf. 🙂

What does "unlimited mentoring" mean exactly? How is this support different between the packages?

With our mentoring package, you will have multiple, periodic scheduled training calls with a dedicated Amazon expert during each important step of the process. In addition to that, our staff is here ANYTIME to assist, strategize, provide feedback, and mentor via email. With the mentoring package, once your products are at Amazon and ready to sell (and you are trained!) it is then your responsibility to manage and grow your Amazon business. This is where the support and mentoring ends. But… our Amazon experts are here to help you with the exact same process on any future product ideas that you source through our team! This is UNLIMITED. And with any of our packages, you will also get unlimited assistance on product reorders and any new product ideas through our China office team
With the business package – everything is the same except we continue to manage and work with your business and marketing for 3 months after your first product is at Amazon.
With our starter package – you get one 60 min mentoring / training phone call with an Amazon specialist. In addition to the unlimited China office support.

Why do you guys like selling on Amazon? What makes this a good business to be in?

An Amazon business is the absolute dream business! Here are just a few reasons why we LOVE it:
  • You can work from ANYWHERE and sell EVERYWHERE. All you need is a laptop or cell phone. We go on trips and still earn money and run our personal businesses while we are away.
  • You don’t trade your time for money. Some of our clients who sell more than $50,000 per month don’t spend more than 5 hours per week on this. And they sell 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.
  • You can scale quickly and efficiently. You don’t need to have employees, store inventory, run to the post office to ship product, deal with returns, or even chase money from buyers. Selling on Amazon FBA is a dream compared to selling on other online platforms. I’ve sold 42 units today and I haven’t done a thing. It can become very hands off when set up properly.
  • We don’t need to tell you how much Amazon is growing and how great of a company it is. But did you know that over 50% of all Amazon sales are from regular people like you and I? Small and medium sized businesses. Amazon shows no signs of slowing down – and is expanding globally. It’s a great feeling building a business on such a fast growing platform. Why not take a small piece of the pie for yourself?
  • You don’t need a huge investment to get started. Unlike other franchises or business opportunities. This is a very low risk business if you know what you are doing!
  • You don’t need to find your own buyers from Google or Facebook or your own website to buy your product. Millions and millions of buyers are already on Amazon shopping and searching for product – ready to buy with one click! If you know what you are doin and are trained well, you can get your product in front of thousands of buyers. Let us show you how!

So how does this all work? If I am ready to move forward - what is the next step?

Great! You can actually make the payment for your package right on our website. Or we can send you a separate invoice if needed. Upon payment, we will send you our step-by-step guide, materials, and video content by email shortly after. We will also introduce you to several members of our team right away.
The first step is to have you watch our initial recorded training and go over the first steps in our step by step guide. This is about 90-120 min long. That video will provide some great detailed training and will ensure that you are on the same page as us with regards to expectations for this process.
After you have completed that introductory training, you will book a time to meet with one of our Amazon experts one-on-one. We will answer your questions, and begin the journey with you of finding and evaluating product ideas!
From there – We will set up additional web meetings or phone calls throughout the process. We will also introduce you to our China staff for product pricing and help when needed. We move at your pace according to your schedule. We are always reachable by email, and have a team dedicated to helping mentor and train you. ​We are here for you each and every step of the way.
We look forward to working with you!

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